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Upper Bhagsu | Dalhousie


Your budget shouldn’t restrict your passion for travelling. If to travel is to live, with Alt Life you live the best way. Avail our high quality services in very affordable prices!


Our hostels are designed to make your stay as comfortable as comfort gets.


At the heart of our value system is cleanliness and hygiene. Alt Life prioritise a clean environment for you to relax, chill, and rejuvenate.


Our co-sharing spaces will allow you to meet new people, share stories and make friendships that will last a lifetime. We believe in creating a community that shares the fervour to travel and leave with nothing but memories.

Hello There.

If travel is a way of life for you, Alt Life is the best way to live while you travel.

We believe in providing affordable accommodations for all your crazy adventures. Our hostels uplift the values of community living while maintaining high standards of hygiene and safety. It’s the best place for you to chill, unwind, co-work and make new friends as you travel. Experience standardised quality, fun shared spaces, cafes, and uber comfortable dorms at affordable prices. We make switching to your alternate life easier!


Share our work space with others and grow as you bond. Our co-working space will allow you to expand your horizons and channel creativity with likeminded people. Who knows you meet your next business partner, future lover, or likely best friend there?

Alt Café

Our cafeteria can accommodate upto 70 people at once. You can utilise this open space to lounge, meet, greet, and share meals with friends and strangers alike. This honest cafe in the mountains will leave an impression in your heart.

Travel Desk

While your stay at our hostels, you can avail our exclusive travel services where we aid you to plan your trip better, provide logistics, curate adventure activities, and acquaint you to destinations around the vicinity of the hostel previously unknown.